QuickBooks Pro 2005

QuickBooks Pro 2005 – Software Publisher’s Description:

QuickBooks Pro 2005 review:1 stars (Intuit leeches money out of small businesses) – Stay far, far away from QuickBooks.

The “literally every year forever” charge for “tax table updates” is completely unethical – based on very simple numerical updates available in IRS Circular E, Intuit charges you (currently, and increasing every year) $ 214 per year for these updates – which happen about once every few months.

Problem is, if you discontinue your “tax table update” service, ALL tax tables are removed from your program and your are essentially unable to do payroll based on the free tax table data which you can enter yourself. There is no “internal”, empty tax table into which you can plug the percentages/calculations.

It is inexcusable that Intuit does not provide the facility for manually entering the very simple tax table data yourself and continuing to process payroll – especially for small businesses with less than 10 employees. Note that you can continue to manually calculate each of the deductions and enter them yourself on each paycheck screen – and thus trod through payroll.

The above site will calculate an entire paycheck and all deductions, all you need is W-4 (withholding allowance) info for each employee

Intuit is engaged in extortion – declaring themselves a non-government institution levying a tax on all businesses. Once you buy (and keep using QuickBooks), you MUST subsidize Intuit every month – FOREVER!

In addition to their famed unreachable and unusable support, this company, which was once a fantastic provider of wonderful software and essential business tools has taken the downturn into corporate greed and unethical business practices.

Expect to see many class action lawsuits coming soon towards Intuit for the way they are holding their customers hostage and disabling the ability to REALLY do “Do-It-Yourself” payroll, organized calls for FTC and Justice Department intervention, organized boycotts, major magazine articles, action by CPA groups, state constitutional amendment petitions and legislative action.

Intuit, according to their published data, controls 85% of the market (which is more than Microsoft in its market) and has a profit margin in excess of 75%. They make tons of money off their software and ancillary services.

[…]5 stars (Small Business Accounting made easy) – I have recently started a small business. As most entreprenuers, I had the savy and technical knwledge, but no accounting. Quickbooks is very thorough, but can be difficult at first if you try to wing it without instructions. I give this 5 stars 3 stars (pos needs improvements) – Just started a small business. I had Quickbboks already so I went with Point of Sale for the retail benefits. POS needs improvement on charge accounts. When you enter a purchase and supply it to an in house charge account you have to total reenter it to apply the payment, and reserve the first sale, it makes it look like a return. It is costly, you get technical support free for 30 days, after that you have to pay $299. for one year. I started out with 1499. invested and I have had to spend additional $400, for an upgrade and $899 for another quickbooks pro to work with two computers. Wish I had invested in Peachtree instead. It’s more friendly and less complicated.
and the integrating with the Quickbooks is not defined well.

QuickBooks Pro 2005 Features:

  • Computer software (programs)
  • Accounting (Account)
  • CD
  • Financial management software for small businesses
  • Easily pay bills, print checks, track expenses, and much more
  • Customize 100+ pre-designed forms to create a unique look
  • Exchange data with Microsoft Excel and 325+ other software applications
  • Track employee time and job costs; compare estimated costs to actuals