Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 – Software Publisher’s Description:

Battlefield 2 review: 5 stars (This game is simply without peer) – Believe the hype, folks. I had never even touched the original Battlefield game(s), so I started playing this game from an entirely fresh perspective. I have to say that the game was a bit daunting at first, as there is a fair amount of things to learn before you can start playing to your full potential. It is very easy to get frustrated while you are learning the game because you will spend most of the time getting your a$$ handed to you – at least I know I did. After you gain an understanding of what is actually going on, though, the game offers a rich and extremely exciting multi-player experience. The thrill of creating a squad with a few of your buddies and piling into a vehicle and heading off to raise hell together is almost indescribable. I also think the fact that you can spawn on top of your squad leader is a terrific feature. The different “kits” are well-rounded and the vehicles handle incredibly well.

I have only noticed two potential drawbacks:

  1. You may have heard that you need a flamethrower PC to run this game – well, you’d better believe it. I have an AMD-64 3500+ with a 6800GT and a Gig of RAM and I actually had a few issues of choppiness with this game (with the graphics settings cranked up, of course). Adding another Gig of RAM helped immensely and I would recommend 2 Gigs of RAM as the minimum if you are running the game at higher resolutions.
  2. The Single Player game sucks.

Overall, I have been playing games from EA since their first batch of releases in the early 80’s on the Atari 800 and have played literally thousands of computer games since then but I feel that this game is one of the best pieces of entertainment software ever created. It is certainly the best online game out there and I can’t recommend it enough.

2 stars (Battlelfield 2,not bad.Try playing multiplayer) – Battlefield 2 by itself is an ok game.The problem with this game is when you start to play the game online.Ughh,it horrible.Singleplayer,almost nill,is limited to 16 player maps,it gets boring quick.The multiplayer acspect of the game is good,when it works.The lag on the ranked servers,is unbearable,sometimes you cannot even get in the game due to the fact that the game takes so long to load,that by the time you do get in the round,its over.I really regret wasting my $50.00 on this game.I cannot recommend this game to even my worst enemy.It was and still is a big let down.

If you do not head this warning and do get this game,make sure you have a great PC to run it on.I have a P4 3.6GHz 2Ghz mem and an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256meg,and the game still studders.5 stars (The best game I’ve ever played.) – If you like FPS (first person shooter) games – this is perhaps the best multiplayer game ever made. The game provides you with the flexibility to choose whether you want to fight in the air, in a ground vehicle such as a tank or as one of several types of infantry soldiers. Therefore you can choose your own style: do you want to be a quiet and patient sniper waiting for the enemy to come into view? Do you want to go hunt tanks? Do you want to be a team player and support your squad/teamates by healing them or supplying them with ammo?


  • graphics and sound are superb
  • gameplay is balanced
  • -VOIP feature allows those with headsets to speak with squad members


  • may require an above average computer system
  • minor bugs and gameplay annoyances that are common in newly released games – however EA games is constantly working on bug-fixing and game enhancements via periodic patches

Battlefield 2 Features:

  • Computer Games
  • Action
  • Shooters (Shooter)
  • Strategy (Strategic)
  • Simulations
  • World Building (Builders)
  • DVD-Video
  • Increase rank and unlock awards; voice-over IP (VOIP) supported
  • War simulation, online multiplayer action with 64 players on the PC
  • Battle as U.S., Chinese, or Middle East Coalition troops
  • 30+ land, sea, and air vehicles; choose from a variety of solider classes
  • New state-of-the-art weapon systems, including heat seeking missiles


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