San Francisco Bound – FGS 2012 And More

It’s that time again, the wonderful land of San Francisco, and FGS 2012. I’ve got about 2 hours until I begin my trip out west, and I’m pretty excited to say the least. I’m a lot more prepared than I was last year, and I’m even bringing some friends too. I’ve got a lot of

Apple is demanding and inflexible!

IceBurgers went from “pending review” to “approved for sale” two days ago! So why don’t you own it yet? Apple decided that now would be a good time to make me prove I really have a company. All I have to do is fax them my articles of incorporation. Who uses fax machines?!? My lawyer’s

Elliot de la Valiere on the rise of the Russian machines

Recently Elliot de la Valiere send me his views and insights on what is happening and gave me permission to share this with the rest of the world. Have fun reading it, Ashu. U.S. and Japanese game publishers, (who fund and distribute video games) are dominating the world’s market of gaming consumers, which now stands