Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004- A Century of Flight – Software Publisher’s Description: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight review:5 stars (ms flight simulator 2004) – Just spoke to my 34 year old son, for whom I bought the simulator, and he said he was absolutely crazy about it. It’s his second flight simulator

ATC Blitz Post Mortem

In June of 2011 I launched a game called ATC Blitz. I had this article half written in my drafts folder, and decided to finally push it out there – now that we have some data! After a long day of coding UI stuff for SteamBirds, I settled into bed and had a quick game

Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 – Software Publisher’s Description: Bejeweled 2 review: 5 stars (Very Fun…) – This game is very fun, but after a while the game gets very boring and strains the eyes. However, I found myself playing the game for hours and the game is also addicting. The “endless” game is very fun and really

Curse of the Pharoah

Do you keen on Curse of the Pharoah? Curse of the Pharoah: Napoleon’s Secret blends classic Hidden Object puzzles with Spot the Difference game play. The journey begins in Egypt in the ’30s. Follow intrepid archaeologist, Anna, while she unravels a mystery from Nefertiti all the way to Napoleon. Do you think you will be

PS2 NCAA Football 2006

PS2 NCAA Football 2006 – Software Publisher’s Description: PS2 NCAA Football 2006 review:4 stars (The best yet) – This game reminds me a lot of Madden ’05. The game speed is around that of Madden instead of NCAA ’05 which was very slow. The running controls are outstanding and easy to use with the incorporation

Kelly Green Garden Queen And Other Simulation Games

Kelly Green Garden Queen Step away from the concrete jungle, far away from city life where quiet means only one cop car siren within 15 minutes and where wildlife is nowhere to be seen. Play this sim game for Mac, instead. Hang out with Kelly and her family and join in the fun as Kelly’s

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 – Software Publisher’s Description: Battlefield 2 review: 5 stars (This game is simply without peer) – Believe the hype, folks. I had never even touched the original Battlefield game(s), so I started playing this game from an entirely fresh perspective. I have to say that the game was a bit daunting at first,