Guild Wars

Guild Wars – Software Publisher’s Description:

Guild Wars review:4 stars (On-line newbie) – I can’t comment on other massive multiplayer on-line games. I’ve lost friends and relatives to Everquest and World of Warcraft, so I avoided them till I had a surplus of time and money. However with Guildwars I was able to avoid one of those, money. Once you’ve purchased the game, on-line is free (respective to your cost to get on-line).

The game itself looks and plays great; I have a 2Ghz AMD Shuttle computer. With a dedicated cable modem and the only lag I have is when I’m in a very busy city. Since the game provides a dedicated `area’ for your party when you’re on a quest; there’s no lag during that part of the game.

I’ve been told by others there’s very little to do; but I’ve been working on it for 2 weeks, and I’m still swamped with quests to do. But I’m a very through player.

My only problem is; single player mode. The game is built (and scaled) around team play. If you try to go off on your own; you will be handed your, um, assets. So I often find myself waiting till my friends are on; before doing anything.

1 stars (Boring import from South Korea) – This South Korean game is very boring. I got a free trial and gave up after a couple nights. They had some bandwidth problems, too, so this is worth less than nothing. Some of the English text in the game is poorly translated and makes zero sense to a native English speaker. This game doesn’t even deserve half a star.1 stars (I feel bad for spending $50.. ) – This game is so BORING! The interface just plain sucks. I’ve only played one other MMORPG, and that’s World of Warcraft. It’s $15/month to play, and a friend told me to try Guild Wars since it’s free. Well, I can honestly say, you get what you pay for. There are very few pluses: Well, obviously, it’s free, the graphics are nice, and you don’t spend a lot of time travelling. It lacks content and personality though. The characters are completely flat, and it’s just not entertaining at all. I guess I’ve been spoiled by WoW and must be biased towards traditional MMORPG’s.

Guild Wars Features:

  • Computer Games
  • Adventure
  • Strategy (Strategic)
  • Fantasy
  • Computer Role Playing Games (Game, rpgs, rpg, crpg, crpgs)
  • CD
  • PC Products
  • ESRB Rating: T (Teen)
  • Strategy/RPG

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