Norton AntiVirus 2005 – Single User

Norton AntiVirus 2005 – Single User – Software Publisher’s Description:

Norton AntiVirus 2005 – Single User review:1 stars (Bad/Buggy/”Temporary” Software) – (1) This program sucks up resources like you’re running on a supercomputer–not unexpected from AV software, but still quite bad. (2) It makes you register the program, and let’s you do it ONCE. If something goes wrong with your computer, or the program ever gets messed up, there goes your $50. They have no real customer support to fix this issue. The CD is basically disposable after you’ve installed it.

And the final reason why this program is a bad buy: it crashes all the time and will conflict with other programs. I used Norton AV in the past successfully before they decided to treat their $50 paying customers like thieves who want to distribute their CD to all their friends, and thought it was top of the line, now unless at least the software lock is lifted, I won’t be a consumer of Norton AV again.3 stars (Norton Gets Cumbersome) – Having used Norton’s utilities for many years I am a little dissapointed in the latest antivirus software. In order to buy and installed the newer AV stuff, the older Norton software must be removed or your system will suffer numerous errors. Attempts to find Norton uninstall and remove the old AV software can be a real nightmare and using Control Panel Add/Remove will not work.

No one should have to contact Norton support just to install new AV software and then have Techs (somewhere in India) speaking broken english try to explain that you should do a complete system recovery to clean out your systems registry and get rid of the programs Norton doesn’t like, then install Norton.4 stars (Norton AntiVirus 2005) – I have used Norton AntiVirus in the past and find it keeps many of the bugs out of my computer. So far this edition is running fine.

Norton AntiVirus 2005 – Single User Features:

  • CD
  • Defends against malicious code; easy to use
  • Removes viruses, worms, and Trojan horses automatically
  • Internet Worm Protection blocks certain more sophisticated worms
  • Detects spyware and other non-virus threats
  • QuickScan and PreInstall Scan; enhanced packer support