PS2 NCAA Football 2006

PS2 NCAA Football 2006 – Software Publisher’s Description:

PS2 NCAA Football 2006 review:4 stars (The best yet) – This game reminds me a lot of Madden ’05. The game speed is around that of Madden instead of NCAA ’05 which was very slow. The running controls are outstanding and easy to use with the incorporation of the right analog stick. The race for the Heisman has you not only concentrating on winning games and moving up in the polls, but also on your performance. The dynasty mode is always an excellent mode for those of us with a little more time on our hands.

Two things I’m not too fond of…

Secondary defense all around. You’re gonna get burnt, A LOT. Sure, you’ll do you’re share of chewing up the secondary, but there is almost absolutely nothing you can do when the computer decides to get you for an 85 yard touchdown pass. And, although it works to your advantage, when running, you’ll often be twenty yards down the field before the opposing cornerbacks and safeties turn to face you.

The impact player. I like the concept, but the “impact” happens pretty randomly. If your impact player would get pumped up after making a big play, I think that would be better. Likewise, you can sack an opposing impact QB, and he’ll be right up ready to torch you.

All in all, it’s a great game. I can’t wait to get my hands on Madden ’06 so I can export my guys like I do every year.5 stars (EA sports is awesome) – EA sports has made a whole new level of gaming in the NCAA football series. The new “race for the heisman” mode is amazing it has everything from the heisman trophy to your own dorm room. Also the impact players was an amazing idea. overall it is the best football video game ever!4 stars (EA Fixes = Return to #1 Console football game) – I wrote scathing reviews of Madden 2005 and EA –both deserved in my opinion. ESPN 2k5 was superior to Madden 2005 in every area. EA clearly took notice of the widespread disappointment in last year’s NCAA and Madden games – and even though they’d never admit it, that they got knocked-out by challenger ESPN.

The good news is, that their NCAA line of games is usually the model for the pro game to follow in the same year. If this holds true, then Madden 2006 will be the best football sim game ever. From the gameplay to the graphics, to the minor “role-play” aspects of the game, NCAA 2006 is flat out fun!

Gone is the arcade gameplay silliness of the prior year. My only complaint – and this is very minor, is that the player creation graphics look a little cartoonish. The model appears to be a bit stocky and short with a slightly too large head. Thankfully, this does not exist in the in-game and on-field graphics which loook amazing.

Finally EA has reversed last year’s dumbed-down gameplay and silly ugly graphics that looked like they were meant for Dragonball-Z fanboys. Happily, NCAA 2006 is nothing like last year’s version. It is challenging, complex and graphically very strong. I am also interested in seeing if the xbox versions of both NCAA 06 and Madden 06 are ported up in resolution.

Great game.

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